How do I add an optional clause to a form?

Editable forms in Practical Guidance may have one or more nonstandard Optional clauses you can choose to add to the end of a section in a form. To add an Optional clause:

  1. On the right side of the form, at the end of the section to which you will add the clause, select Optional Clause. The Alternative Clause pop-up appears.
    Tip: You will see a separate icon for each available standard clause.
  2. What kind of alternate clause do you want to add?
    If you want...Then...
    A standard alternate clause

    Select the Add to Form button.

    The Alternative Clause pop-up disappears, and the selected clause appears at the end of the section.

    A custom alternate clause
    1. Select the Add Your Own Clause Text button. A custom clause dialog box replaces the Alternate Clause pop-up.
    2. In the Directly enter text, or copy and paste from another document box, enter the text of the clause you want to add.
    3. Select the Add Text button. The custom clause dialog box disappears. The clause you entered appears at the end of the section.
    Tip: If you change your mind about adding the clause, select Remove Clause to remove it from the form.
  3. Complete any other work you want to do in the form.
  4. Save the form:
    If you want to save the form...Then...
    In Lexis®

    See the topic How do I save my research.

    Tip: Start with "Save a document from the full document view" in Step 1.
    On your computer
    1. From the About This Document section on the right side of the page, select Draft Now iconDraft Now. A delivery pop-up appears, displaying a message that the system is processing your request. Once the download request successfully finishes processing, the title of the form appears as a link.
      Note: Make sure your browser is not set to block pop-up windows. If nothing appears to happen, check your browser pop-up settings.
    2. Click the form title. Your browser downloads the form as a Microsoft Word document. Use your browser's standard controls to save the document where you want it.
    3. In the delivery pop-up, click the Close button.

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