How do I add alternate clauses to a form?

Editable forms in Practical Guidance may have one or more nonstandard Alternate clauses you can choose to add in place of an existing standard clause. To replace a standard clause with an Alternate clause:

  1. On the right side of the form beside the clause you want to replace, select Alternate Clause. The Alternative Clause pop-up appears, displaying an alternate clause you can choose to add in place of the form's standard text in that section.
    Tip: You will see a separate icon for each available clause.
  2. Select Add Clause Button. The Alternative Clause pop-up disappears, and the selected Alternate Clause appears below the standard clause.
    Tip: If you selected an Alternate Clause that has associated drafting notes, the Drafting Notes icon (Drafting Notes Icon) will appear in the form's right margin.
  3. Select Remove Clause for the version of the clause (the standard clause or the Alternate) you DO NOT want to use. The selected clause disappears.
  4. Complete your work in the form and save it.
    Note: For more information on saving your work in Lexis, see the topic How do I save my research.

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