How do I complete an exercise in Interactive Citation Workstation?

Interactive Citation Workstation allows you to complete Bluebook and ALWD exercises online.

Note: These exercises correspond with the following reference manuals, which you should use to find citation rules:
  • The Bluebook®: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed.) (Bluebook)
  • The ALWD Guide to Legal Citation, Fifth Edition (ALWD)
  1. From your Interactive Citation Workstation Home page, select the name of an exercise you have not completed. Interactive Citation Workstation takes you to the selected exercise.
  2. Type your citation in the box, using the buttons to apply the appropriate formatting.
    Tip: The Previous and Next buttons allow you to page through the exercise questions without submitting any answers.
  3. Select the Submit Answer button. Interactive Citation Workstation evaluates the citation you entered.
    If your answer was...Then...
    CorrectThe answer box disappears. Interactive Citation Workstation displays your correct answer, along with any wrong answers you may have submitted. Errors in the incorrect answers will be highlighted so you can review potential problems areas.
    IncorrectInteractive Citation Workstation highlights the part of the citation where the error occurs, and gives you hints on how to correct it.
    Tip: For each question, you have three chances to enter a correct citation.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each exercise question.
    Tip: At any time, you can send a request to your professor to reset the exercise so you can start fresh. For information on requested a reset, see How do I request a reset.
  5. In the top right corner of the exercise, select the Complete Exercise button. The Complete Exercise pop-up appears, identifying the professors who will be notified of your completion and prompting you to confirm the action.
  6. Select the Complete Exercise button. The Complete Exercise pop-up disappears. Interactive Citation Workstation displays the Exercise Completed page. This page allows you to:
    • Review your answers
    • Access a completion certificate for the exercise
    • Retake the exercise for practice


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