How do I grade Interactive Citation Workstation exercises for a selected student?

Follow these steps to assign grades to a student for selected exercises and manuals.

  1. From your Interactive Citation Workstation Home page, in the Status Reports pod, select Individual Student Report.
  2. From the Select a student drop-down list, select the name of the student you want to grade.
  3. From the pod's other drop-down list, select the exercise manual for which you want to assign grades.
  4. Select the Get Status Report for Student button. Interactive Citation Workstation takes you to the Student Status page for the selected manual. This page gives you both a graphical view and a list view of the student's progress through the manual.
  5. In the far right column of the exercise list, click the Actions button for the exercise you want to grade. A drop-down menu of options appears.
  6. Select Edit or assign grade. The Edit or Assign Grade form appears.
  7. In the Enter grade field, type the letter grade you want to give the student for the exercise.
    Tip: You can include a plus (+) or minus (-).
  8. Select the Save button. Interactive Citation Workstation associates the grade you entered for the exercise with the selected student. The Edit or Assign Grade form closes, returning you to the exercise list.
  9. Repeat Steps 5 through 9 for any other exercises you want to grade for this student.

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