Home Page

From the Lexis® home page, you can begin or resume all of your research tasks, such as:

  • Entering search terms to start a new search
  • Finding sources in specific content areas with Explore Content
  • Using Browse to find topics or sources, or to navigate to a Practice Center
  • Selecting a search from history to run again
  • Selecting favorite sources, topics, and filters to use for a search

The pods in the lower section of the home page (History, Favorites, Folders, Support, etc.) provide quick access to many frequently used features. You can customize this area of the home page by dragging and dropping the pods to arrange them in the order you want.

Note: To drag and drop a pod, use your mouse to click inside the title area of the pod (just under the color line), then drag the pod in the direction you want it. A target will appear where you can drop the pod.

All the features of the home page are described below.

Lexis® ResearchSelect from this drop-down list to use a different LexisNexis® feature, such as , Litigation Profile Suite, Lexis Medical Navigator™, etc.
BrowseUse this drop-down list to browse or look for a specific topic or source, or to navigate to a Practice Center page.
ClientSelect a Client or Matter name to assign your research to, or enter a new one.
HistorySelect a search you have run recently to see the results, select View all history to view your search history as a list, or select Research Map to view it in graphic form.
MoreUse this drop-down list to open your folders, view your alerts, open the Lexis online help, sign out, etc.
Advanced SearchDisplays a form you can use to construct a search with terms and connectors, search in specific segments, and/or a specific content type (such as Cases, Statutes and Legislation, etc.).
TipsThis page provides a quick reference for using several key Lexis® features, plus a list of frequently asked questions about using them.
Get a Doc AssistanceDisplays a form you can use to retrieve a document by citation, party name, or by docket number, and provides help with citation formatting.
Search:EverythingEnter terms and connectors or a natural language search, select this to display the filters you can use to restrict your search, and then select the search button ( Search ) to run your search.
Explore Content

Use this to select a specific source (or group of sources) by content area, jurisdiction, or practice area, or use the Content Type, Federal, State, or Practice Area, tabs to browse through or search the sources.

History Open this pod to see recent searches, documents you have retrieved, and Shepard's® searches you have performed.
Folders Displays a list of your folders.
News Displays current news items.
Latest UpdatesProvides a link to a description of the newest changes to Lexis.
FavoritesThe Favorites pod displays the sources, topics, and filters you have recently used in your searches.
NotificationsDisplays a list of the notifications you have recently sent or received (notifications are sent when you share an item, such as a document, a folder, or an alert).
AlertsDisplays a list of your saved alerts and results.
ArchivesUse this pod to access a collection of archived codes.
SupportThis pod provides access to help pages and the LexisNexis Customer Support phone number.

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