Research History List Page

Lexis automatically saves your Search and Document Deliver activity for 90 days and your Public Records activity for 10 days.

Select History from the top of any page to open the History menu. Select Searches, Documents, or Shepard's® to display your most recent activity in each category. Select View all history at the bottom of the menu to open a list of all past activity.

Selecting Research Map opens your history in the graphical map view.

List / Research MapClick List to view your search history in a results list view. Click Research Map to view it in the map (graphical) view.
Narrow By

Use the Narrow By pane to filter your activities by date, type (such as searches only or emails only), or by Client/Matter. For example, to display only your activities from today, select Today in the Date category.

To select several criteria in a category, select Select multiple.


The criteria in the Narrow By pane depend on the activities in the list. For example, if you have no activities from yesterday, you won't see Yesterday listed in the Date category.

Activities may appear in more than one category. For example, a legal search you ran today would appear under Today in the Date category and also under Legal search in the Type category.

To return to a previous results set after filtering one or more times, select Close level next to your selections at the top of the Narrow By pane to close that version. When you have closed all the versions, your original results are displayed on the right side of the results view.

You can also return to your original results by selecting Clear.

Search Within HistoryTo search your history for specific items, enter words (such as a search term or part of a document title) and select the search icon (Search ). (To clear your search and view the full history map again, select Clear Search on the Results within History bar.)
DateYou can view your history by day for the current week, or by month for older activities. Select More to expand the list of available months. Use the options in the Narrow By pane to restrict your search within a given month.
TypeYou can view your history by the type of activity, such as a legal search, document view, Shepard's® search, etc. To select the type of activity, select the activity name under Type.
ClientYou can view your history by client name or matter ID. To select the history for a specific client or matter, select the client name or matter ID under Client.
Originated InShows which experience or area of the product you were in when you first searched the item listed in the history view.
Printable Page Printable pageClick this icon to display a text-only version of the list, without any graphics, navigation bars, or options on the page.
Sort By

These options let you sort your results list. By default, the list of items in the folder is sorted by date saved, with the most recently saved activity first.

Select an option from this list to sort in a different order. You can sort by date saved, client, type, and title.

History item detailsInformation about each item in your history is listed along with the history task. For example, entries will list where the search or other task originated, what client was assigned to the task, and so forth.

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