What is the history feature?

You can quickly resume your work from past research sessions using the Lexis® history feature. Your searches, search terms, documents, deliveries, and other activities are automatically saved in the history for up to 90 days. You can display your research history in a list view or a graphic ("map") view. You can access history by selecting History at the top of any page, and then selecting a specific search or other item from the list, or View all history or Research Map. Or, on the Lexis home page, select the History pod, then select a specific item, or select View all history or Research Map at the bottom.

Note: For Public Records, you can only find items in history for up to 10 days.

Your last 5 searches are listed on the History pod on the home page. Select a search to display the results for it, or select View all history to display your searches from the last 90 days.

To save any of these activities for an unlimited time, create a folder in which to store them. See Saving Research to Work Folders for details.

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