How do I hide or delete highlighting in a document?

You can hide, show, or delete highlighting you have made to text in a document stored in one of your folders. If you "hide" the highlighting, the text is no longer highlighted, but the location of the highlighted text in the document is indicated with a gray highlighter Highlighted text icon.

  1. Open the document from the folder where it is stored. Documents that have highlighted text display a highlighter icon (Highlighted text) below the document name in the list.
  2. Locate the highlighting you want to hide, delete, or show.
  3. Select the highlighter icon (Highlighted text) in the margin of the document. The Edit Highlight dialog box is displayed.
  4. Complete any of the following optional tasks:
    • To change the highlight color, select it from the Choose your highlight color options.
    • To share the highlight with users you've shared the document with, select Allow recipients to view your note.
    • To hide (but not permanently remove) the highlight, select Hide highlight.
    • To permanently remove the highlighting, select Delete Highlight.

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