What are recent & favourites?

Recent and favourites are filters you have applied to previous searches. They can be any of the following:

  • Jurisdictions, content types, and/or legal topics you have chosen after selecting the Search: [filters] button at the right edge of the search box.
  • Topics you have added to a search using the Browse Topics option or topics for which you have retrieved documents in that option.
  • Publications you have added to a search in the Browse Publications option.

After you select one or more search filters, apply them to a search, and generate a set of results, Lexis Advance Pacific automatically adds the filters to the Recent & Favourites list, where you can select them for use in later searches. A filter remains on the list until you remove it or until the list contains 50 filters. After the list contains 50 filters, each additional filter added to it replaces the oldest filter. You can prevent any filter from being automatically removed, however, by marking it as a favourite.

Note: If you remove a filter as a favourite, it remains on the list as a recent filter, until it is otherwise removed from the list as described above.

To open the Recent & Favourites list, select the Search: [filters] button at the right edge of the search box and select Recent & Favourites in the left margin of the box that appears. After opening the Recent & Favourites list, you can take any of the following actions:

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