Using * and ! to find variations at the end of root words

Use the asterisk (*) or exclamation (!) wildcard characters at the end of a root word to find the root word and all the words that can be made by adding letters to the end of it, including plurals.

For example, employ* or employ! finds the term employ and such variations as employee, employer, employment, and their plurals.

You can also use these wild cards within quotation marks.

For example, "third party benefi!" finds variations such as third party benefit, third party benefits, third party benefiting, third party beneficiary, and third party beneficiaries.


When using these wildcard characters, it is best if you:

  • Use a root word of three characters or more.
  • Use unique root words. For example, fir* or fir! finds fire, fired, firing, and fires, but also finds first, which you may not want.

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