Custom Page Pods

You can create a custom page with the sources and tools you use most often. Once you create them, your custom pages will be available from the Custom Pages pod on the Lexis landing page. The pods you can choose from to add to a custom page are listed below.

For more information about creating a custom page, see How do I create a custom page?.

Displays the sources, topics, and filters you use most often in your searches.
Automatically saves searches, documents, deliveries, etc. so you can quickly resume past work.
Save your searches, documents, notes, and alerts into folders to quickly return to them later.
Keep track of the latest legal news.
Latest Updates
Learn more about the newest changes in Lexis®.
Create a new alert or view the results of alerts you have saved.
Keep track of items you have shared or that have been shared with you.
Search archived codes, including statutory codes, constitutions, administrative codes, and municipal codes.
Provides access to online help, training videos, and Customer Support.
Get & Print
Enter multiple citations and download or print documents or Shepard's® reports. For more information, see How do I use Get & Print to download and print documents and reports?
Get a Doc
Retrieve a document by citation, party name, or docket number. For more information, see How do I retrieve a document when I know the citation, docket number, or party names?

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