How do I copy a citation to the clipboard?

You can copy a document citation (including the pinpoint cite, if any) and/or a section of text to the clipboard, to paste into a word processor or other document. If you want, you can save the document citation as a link to the document.

To copy only the citation:

  1. While viewing a full document, select Copy citation at the top of the document. The Copy Citation to Clipboard dialog box appears with the document citation displayed.

    The last citation format you used is listed next to Current format.

  2. Continue to use the current format, or select a different format from the New format drop-down list and click Apply to apply the format to the citation.
    Note: For source information for the formats that are listed, see About source format
  3. Next to Include these references, select the reporters you want to use. The reporters are added to the citation in the Preview area.
  4. Select the Copy citation as hyperlink checkbox to copy the citation as a link that can be selected to display the full document.
  5. Select whether you want to Underline or Italicize the case name when you paste the citation you are copying in the text editing application you are using.
  6. If it's available, select the Include parallel citations checkbox to include the parallel reporters in the citation.
  7. Depending on which browser you are using, do one of the following to copy the citation and close the dialog box:
    • If the dialog box has only a Close button, use your browser tools to copy the citation in the Preview box and then paste it into a word processor or other text editor. For example, right-click on the highlighted citation and choose Copy from the browser's shortcut menu. Then, click Close to close the dialog box.
    • If the dialog box has a Copy & Close button, click the Copy & Close button to copy the citation and close the dialog box. Then, paste the text into a word processor or other text editor.
Note: To copy document text along with the citation, see How do I copy text to the clipboard?

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