Using Search Connectors (and, or, etc.) and Commands (atleast)


Search connectors, such as and, or, near, and not, and commands, such as atleast, help narrow a search by defining relationships between your search terms.

Lexis automatically interprets many common legal phrases, such as limited liability partnership or summary judgment, as phrases, rather than as individual search terms. However, if you want to be sure a phrase you are searching for is interpreted as a phrase, enclose it in quotation marks.

"determination of deficiency"

"right to work"

When you enter text into the Shepard's® Narrow By Search Within Results box and select OK, that text is processed as a terms and connectors search.

The following articles provide descriptions and examples for each connector.

Lexis® Equivalents for Other Connectors

/n Connector

Connector Order and Priority

Finding Variations of a Word

Search Connectors Quick Reference Card

Searching for Common Legal Phrases

Searching for Symbols or Other Special Characters

Using ! to Find Variations of a Word

Using * to Find Variations of a Word

Using ? to Find Variations of a Word

Using Quotation Marks to Find Exact Matches

Using not with proximity connectors

Words Ignored During a Natural Language Search

and Connector

and not Connector

atleast Command

near/n Connector

onear/n Connector

or Connector

pre/n Connector

pre/p Connector

pre/s Connector

w/n Connector

w/p or /p Connector

w/s or /s Connector

w/seg Connector

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