What is the Browse Topics option?

You can use the Browse Topics option to browse the Lexis Advance Pacific topics hierarchy and the individual legal topics it contains. After you find a legal topic important to your research, you can:

  • Get all topic documents
  • Add the topic to your current search as a filter
  • Create a topic alert

Getting all topic documents

This option generates a results list containing the documents related to the selected legal topic.

Adding a topic to your current search as a filter

This option adds the legal topic to the current search as a filter so the search is limited to only documents related to the topic. You can add up to 20 selected topics to any given search.

Note: To view the search filters assigned to the current search, select the Search: [filters] button at the right edge of the search box.

For more information on searching, see How do I create effective searches?

Creating a topic alert

This option displays the Topic Alert box which you can use to create an alert to notify you if and when any new documents subsequently become associated with the legal topic. For more information, see What is an alert?

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