and Connector

Use the and connector to find documents containing two specific words or phrases, regardless of the order in which they appear or their proximity to each other. For example, the following search finds documents in which the words "cat" and "dog" both appear:

cat and dog

Searches using only the and connector typically retrieve many documents, but within those documents, the search words or phrases may often appear in unrelated contexts.

Similarity to other connectors

The /n connector is similar to the and connector, and you may find it more useful because it retrieves only documents where the search terms appear in the same document section, no more than a user-specified number of words apart. The onear/n and pre/n connectors are also similar and even more specific: the two search terms must not only appear in the same document section no more than a specified number of words apart, they must also appear in a user-specified order (for example, "cats and dogs" rather than "dogs and cats").

Therefore, the following three searches are successively more precise ways of finding documents containing the term "fiduciary duty":

  • fiduciary and duty
  • fiduciary near/3 duty
  • fiduciary onear /3 duty

Using multiple and connectors

For search expressions containing two or more and connectors, the search retieves all documents containing all the connected words, phrases, or logical units, regardless of order or proximity to one another.

For more information, see How multiple search connectors are evaluated.

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