What are "expanded" vs. "fewer" results?

When you run a natural language search, Lexis Advance Pacific returns either all results or only the top results, depending on the option you have selected in your Settings. In this context, "expanded" results means all results, and "fewer" results means only the top results.

If, in the Settings option, you have specified that standard (top) results should appear in your results list, you can select Expanded results from the Actions list at the top of your results to view expanded (all) results. Likewise, if your settings specify that expanded (all) results should appear, you can select Fewer results to view only the standard (top) results.

Note: This expanded/fewer results option does not apply to terms and connectors searches. If you run a terms and connectors search, the Expanded results and Fewer results options are not available in the Actions list at the top of your results list.

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