How do I pause an alert?

You can temporarily stop an alert and start it again later. If you pause an alert, you won't receive notifications about it during the period it is paused. Details for paused alerts are shown in grayed-out text in your list of alerts.

To pause an alert:

  1. On the Lexis® home page, either select View all alerts from the Alerts pod, or choose Alerts from the More drop-down list at the top of any page. The Alerts page appears.
    Note: When you first view the alerts list, it is filtered based on which experience you are working in when you view all alerts. For example, if you are working in Verdict & Settlement Analyzer and you view your alerts, the list is limited to show only Verdict & Settlement Analyzer-related alerts. You can clear this filter and view all of your available alerts (regardless of which experience you are working in) by clicking the X next to the filter name, above the Narrow By pane.
  2. In the list of alerts, locate and select the alert you want to pause.
  3. Click the Pause icon (Pause Alert) in the toolbar above the alerts list. The Pause Alerts dialog box appears.
  4. Confirm you want to temporarily pause the alert by selecting Pause.

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