How do I search in a document found by an alert I created?

When you view a document that appears in your alerts results list, you can search the text of the document for any search terms. You can also navigate using the document's reporter pagination.

To do this:

  1. Select a document from your alerts results list to view it.
  2. Complete any of the following steps to navigate through the text of the document:
    To...Do This
    Display specific parts or sections of the document that you can navigate to quicklyClick the Go to drop-down list and choose the section of the document you want to view. (Which sections appear depends on the document.)
    Page through the document using the pagination of the reporter that is currently selectedSelect the up or down arrows (Up and Down) or enter the page number in the box and press Enter.
    Search the document for specific search terms Enter the terms for which you'd like to search and click the Search button. Terms are highlighted in the document, and you can use the up or down arrows (Up and Down) to navigate between them. If you click these buttons and you are viewing the first or last term in the document, you will be taken to the previous or next document in your results list.

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