How do I view details in individual Verdict & Settlement Analyzer graphs?

While viewing the results page, you can select a specific graph on the page and view details about the cases associated with your search.

Note: Viewing specific details in each graph is the same as applying filters on the left side of the page.
  1. Complete your Verdict & Settlement Analyzer search and view your results.
  2. Click on a graph to expand it and view details.
  3. Rest your mouse pointer over the different areas of the graph. Information appears in a tooltip, with instructions to select once more to narrow the case.
  4. Click on the portion of the graph in which you are most interested. Each of the other reports is updated using the filtered data.

To return to your original results after narrowing them one or more times, select the Clear link at the top of the Narrow By pane. To close the graph and view the thumbnail again, select the Close at the top right of the graph.

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