What is the API feature?

The API feature allows you to take reports from Prospect Portfolio and include them in your own site (for example, a Microsoft Office SharePoint site or a page on your company's intranet). These reports update automatically so that your site always contains the most up-to-date data.

You'll begin by looking up a company, executive, or industy in Prospect Portfolio. Then, you'll select the report components that you want to include in your site and copy a URL that acts as a direct link to the data you chose. For more information, see How do I build a URL to include a report in my site?

Then, on your own site, you'll use the URL to embed the report in a SharePoint web part or an HTML page element. The report you chose will appear on your site, but the data will still be hosted by LexisNexis, and it will refresh every time a user loads your page. For more information and examples, see What do I do with the URL I create?

Note: This feature may not appear, depending on your subscription. For more information, contact your LexisNexis account representative.

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