How do I track my research by project?

A project ID is a unique identifier for a particular project or activity. When you associate a project ID with your research, it allows your organization to track and manage costs more effectively. Depending on the preferences your administrator has set, you may be prompted for a project ID every time you sign in to Prospect Portfolio.

Follow the steps below to change your project ID at any time.

  1. Click the current project ID, which is displayed at the top of every page.
  2. Enter a new project ID, or, if available, select one of your previous 20 project IDs.
    Note: If you enter a new project ID, it must consist of 1 to 32 letters and numbers. Only the following special characters are allowed: = % - & /.' ~ : @ _ ( ) #.
  3. Click OK.

Your previous page appears, displaying the project ID you specified. All of your future research is associated with this ID until you change it again.

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