Learn More about an Industry Form

Use this page to find a specific industry (or list of industries) by entering a search word or SIC code.

TermsEnter all or part of the name of the industry you're looking for, such as agriculture or manufacturing.

If you know the standard industry code (SIC) for the industry you're looking for, enter it here.

  • You can enter from 2 to 4 digits for the SIC code.
  • You can enter multiple SIC codes separated by commas.
  • If you enter a term and an SIC code, your search will look for a combination of the term and the SIC code.

For example, to find paper manufacturing related to paperboard, you could enter the SIC code for paper manufacturing (26) and enter paperboard in the Terms box.

If only one industry matches your search criteria, you'll see a Snapshot report for that industry. If more than one industry matches, you'll see a list of the industries meeting your search criteria and you can select which industries you want to see reports for.

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