Industry Report Descriptions

Note: Not all report types may be available, depending on the company and your subscription.
Report NameDescription
SnapshotThe Snapshot always appears first when you select an industry to research. It gives you high-level information such as an industry overview, aggregate industry revenues, top companies (by sales) in the industry, financial information, and recent news about the industry.
MergersThis report is a list of recent mergers in the industry you selected. It contains such information as buyer, seller, and price offered for the business.
Legal Environment ReportThis report lists recently proposed bills affecting the industry you selected, including the date of the most recent activity.
Industry RevenueThis report lists Integra reports for industry revenue by industry segment.
Economic ReportsThis report lists economic reports by industry segment. You can view the list by selecting the List tab, or view the full text of a report by selecting the Full tab.

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