Using the Online Help


The help system for Prospect Portfolio provides you with detailed guidelines for using the product, as well as extensive reference information to assist you along the way.

Use the links provided and the search function to find additional information.

Printing Help Pages

To print the help page you are viewing, click the Print icon (Print) near the top right of the page.

Resizing Text

To make the help text larger, click the Increase font size icon (Increase font size). To make the help font smaller, click the Decrease font size icon (Decrease font size).

Searching the Help

The search feature provides a powerful mechanism for retrieving information from the online help system. You can use the form at the top of the page to submit words and phrases. In addition, you can use connectors, wildcards, and "fuzzy" searches.


When you submit a search query, some characters require special treatment. The following characters need to be escaped before they can be submitted as part of a search query:

+ - & | ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \

To escape these characters, use the \ before the character. You do not need to escape characters when you are using them as part of the search query syntax.

Searching the Help Using Phrases and Connectors

To find documents containing...Enter...
The phrase "table of contents""table of contents"
The word "research" or the phrase "table of contents" or both

research OR "table of contents"

The word "research" and the phrase "table of contents"research AND "table of contents"
The word "research" but not the word "lexisnexis"

research NOT lexisnexis

Searching the Help Using Wildcards and Fuzzy Searches

Example QueryDescription
researchKeyword search for documents containing the word research.
Note: The search feature does not support stemming. A search for the word alert will only return the whole word and not partial matches such as alerts or alerting. To obtain results such as these you must use a wildcard, as shown below.
research*Wildcard search for documents containing words that begin with the letters research. For example:
  • researched
  • researcher
  • researches
  • researching
smartlinks~Fuzzy search for documents that contain words similar to smartlinks (e.g.,SmartLinx).

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