Which people search form should I use?

Use This Search Form...If You Want To...
Learn More about a PersonFind information about one specific executive. For example, you can retrieve information on Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs by entering Jobs in the Last Name box, Steve in the First Name box, and Apple in the Company Name box.
Create a List of PeopleGenerate a list of executives that match the criteria you specify. You can retrieve a list of executives by geographic area, by industry, by the revenue or size of their companies, or a combination of these and other criteria. For example, you can retrieve a list of executives by title, by company, by geographic area, or by a combination of criteria. The system lists the executives that meet your criteria and allows you to customize the attributes that appear in the list. Then, you may download the entire list or perform an in-depth search on a particular executive.
Upload a ListUpload a list of ticker symbols or DUNS Numbers to retrieve the same information as on the Create a List of People form.

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