Internet Connection Recommendations

To access Prospect Portfolio, you must have an Internet connection. The types of connection required to access the Internet and LexisNexis research services are shown below.

Note: LexisNexis cannot control the access times of your ISP and cannot issue credits for problems related to your ISP.


Modem speed: 56K or above (ISDN, ADSL or cable modem recommended)

Tip: If your ISP does not provide this modem speed, you may connect using the LexisNexis Internet Dialer, provided on CD to LexisNexis customers free of charge. For more information, call Customer Support.

LAN Connection

A TCP/IP connection of suitable speed with Internet access

Note: LAN firewalls, proxy servers, and network administration software including virus scanners, other traffic on the network, etc., may impact performance.

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