Sources Included in Prospect Portfolio Reports

ReportSources Included
Company Snapshot Report
  • All recent SEC Filings
  • America's Corporate Finance Directory
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Report (ICC)
  • Creditreform
  • Corporate Affiliations
  • Gale Company
  • Global Duns Market Identifiers
  • Hoppenstedt
  • ICC Financial Analysis
  • Market Guide Company Profiles
  • Onesource Corptech
  • Standard & Poors Corporate Descriptions
  • Standard & Poors Register of Corporations
  • Vickers Securities Report
  • Worldscope Company Profile
Note: The following sources are not searched for Company Dossier reports, but you can select them in the Reports area to the left to retrieve a report on the company:
  • D&B Business Reports
  • Extel Cards Database
  • Form 4 & Form 144
  • Mergerstat M&A Reports
  • Nelson Company Research Report Headlines
  • Nelson Public Company Profile
  • Proxy Statement
  • SEC Filing Exhibit 10 (Corporate Material Contracts)
  • SEC Filing Exhibit 3 (Corporate Articles & Bylaws)
  • SEC Ownership Filings
  • Zacks Investment Research
  • Executives sources (NetPrspex, Professional Contacts, etc.)
Legal Information Report
  • US Court Decisions
  • Commonwealth Court Decisions
  • Corporate Materials
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • Mealey's
  • Corporate Articles and Bylaws
Intellectual Property Information Report

Prospect Portfolio searches the ASSIGNEE and the ASSIGNEE-AT-ISSUE segments of these patent sources:

  • US Patents
  • European Patents
  • Japanese Patents

Prospect Portfolio searches trademarks dated within the last two years in these sources:

  • US Trademarks
  • US Copyrights

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