Company Report Descriptions

Note: Not all report types may be available, depending on the company and your subscription.
Report NameDescription
SnapshotThe Snapshot always appears first when you select a company to research. It gives you a high-level view by providing information such as the associated ticker symbols, addresses, and SIC codes, a business description, stock quotes, financial information, and recent news about the company. From the Snapshot, you can select other, more in-depth reports if you wish.
In the News

The In the News reports include the following views:

  • The By Top Publication view lets you see what the most respected financial and business publications are saying about this company.
  • The By Topic view locates recent news articles about this company and sorts them by topic. This is helpful if you're trying to focus your attention on specific areas such as financials or products.
  • The By Region view helps you determine a company's standing around the globe. Today's marketplace extends around the globe and many companies have interests in a variety of countries. Therefore, it is important to understand how a company is perceived in different areas of the world. One good way is to check the news sources from those regions.
Business InformationThis report draws information from a variety of respected specialized sources to show you where this company fits in the marketplace. It identifies the product and services this company provides, what brands it's associated with, and who are its competitors.
Corporate HierarchyThis report shows the subsidiaries, divisions, and holdings of a parent corporation.
Financial InformationThis report also draws information from a variety of respected specialized sources to give you a financial view of the company. You can investigate its current financial standings or review summaries of past financial activities to help determine its investment potential.
Legal InformationThis report shows you where this company stands in the legal arena. Although the current reports paint one picture, recent court decisions could indicate an impending change in the company or one of its major products.
Intellectual Property InformationMuch of a company's value is in the patents and trademarks it holds. For example, a newly acquired patent could indicate a potential increase in market share. By the same token, a currently held patent that is about to expire could indicate an impending increase in activity by that company's competitors.
ReferencesThe references for the report information.
Custom ReportUse this link to create a Custom Report by combining information sections from all the available reports.
D&B Business ReportsReports from one of the top providers of business information, Dun & Bradstreet, including the Business Information Report, which provides an overall profile of a company, the Dun's Financial Profile, and others.

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