Which company search form should I use?

Use This Search Form...If You Want To...
Learn More about a CompanyRetrieve a report on a single company by entering a ticker symbol, company name, or other information you know about the company. For example, you can retrieve a report on the Microsoft Corporation by entering msft in the Ticker Symbol box, or a list of companies with "Micro" in their name by entering Micro in the Company Name box.
Create a List of CompaniesGenerate a list of companies that match the criteria you specify. For example, you can retrieve a prospecting list of companies by geographic area, by industry, companies with assets above a certain amount, or a combination of these and other criteria. You can customize your results to include ticker symbol, telephone number, earnings per share, and other company information.
Upload a List Upload a list of ticker symbols, DUNS Numbers, or Dossier IDs to retrieve the same information as on the Create a List of Companies form.

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