How do I build a URL to include a report in my site?

Use the Include this report on your site tool from a company, industry, or executive report to embed dynamic Prospect Portfolio reports on your site.

Note: This feature may not appear, depending on your subscription. For more information, contact your LexisNexis account representative.
  1. Search for a single company, industry, or executive and then navigate to the report that you want to include on your site.
  2. Click the Include this report on your site link above the report. The URL building tool appears, and the report you were viewing is pre-selected.
  3. If desired, change the report format (HTML is selected by default, and most reports are only available in this format).
  4. Select Display company/industry/executive name if you want the name of the company, industry, or executive displayed above the report.
    Tip: If you are adding your report to Microsoft Office SharePoint, you may want to clear this checkbox and add a descriptive name to the SharePoint web part's title bar instead.
  5. Select the report components that you want to include.
  6. Click the URL in the box to the right to select it, then press CTRL-C to copy it. If you change any of your report selections after copying your URL, be sure to copy it again, since the URL changes automatically each time you change a selection.
    Tip: If you want to preview the report that your URL will return, click the Preview output link above the URL box.

This URL you copied will return the report data that you selected. For more information about what you can do with this URL, see What do I do with the URL I create?

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