Identity Profile page

Use this page to view an identity profile. Select from the list of profiles on the left to display the profile.

Note: Some fields described below are optional and are not necessarily part of every identity profiles.
Profile NameThe profile name you have selected from the list on the left.
Identity ProvidersThe identity providers associated with this profile.
StatusThe status of the profile (active or inactive).
TypeThe profile or ID type (shared, self-registration, or SAML).
DescriptionThe profile description.
LocationThe address/location for the profile.
Account NameThe name for the account profile.
Account NumberThe number for the account profile.
Display PreferenceThe localization or language the users in this profile prefer for the interface.
Time ZoneThe time zone of the users in this profile.
Authentication User LimitThe maximum number of users that can be created by using this identity profile.
Users Created From ProfileThe number of users created for this profile.
User Creation MethodsDisplays Allow Self-Registration if users of this profile may self-register.
IP AddressesApproved internet protocol addresses used by members of this profile.
Destination ProductThe Lexis Advance® product members of this profile are authorised to use.
Product URLThe URLs for the products the users are authorised to use.
Registration CodesThe code you can send to new users to allow them to register themselves as members of this profile, the URL where they can enter it, and the expiration date of the code.
Email Constraints

The email the users in this profile may use (to verify that a communication from a user is valid). Email addresses must use the following format:

  • Must be a minimum of 4 characters
  • Must not contain an "at" sign (@). This will be entered automatically.
  • Must contain one period, positioned at least three characters from the right
Public RecordsThe public records associated with this profile.
Product AccessThe products and content the members of this profile may access.

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