How do I find a user?

On the Users page, you can search for a user by name or user ID, browse for the user's name alphabetically, or page through the list of users. To find a user, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Users from the left side of the page.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Use one of the methods below to locate the user.
    If you want to...Then do this...
    Search for a user by name or User IDEnter the user's ID or name (or part of a name). To narrow your search, select More Filters; then select one or more of the filters and select Apply Filters.
    • Status
    • Location
    • Product Access
    • Admin
    • Timekeeper ID
    • Groups
    • Chargeback Groups
    • Identity Providers
    and select the search button (Search).
    Browse for a name alphabeticallyAt the top of the publication list, select the first letter of the user's name, or select Admins to see a list of administrators only.
    Page through the list of usersAt the bottom of the page, select a page number or use the right or left arrows to page through the list until the page containing the user's name appears.
Note: To view the complete User List, select the Clear All button to clear the filters.

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