Link to This Page

You can copy a permanent link to the page you are viewing, which will later give you access to this same page. Following are some things to understand about using the permanent link:

  • A permanent link (versus a browser "bookmark") stores and remembers application-related properties of the page you are viewing, for example, it will remember filters, sorting options, and so forth. However, the application itself does not save the link, so you must store the link using your own application, such as Notepad, an email client, or a word processor.
  • The link will no longer work if it is not used for a period of two years.
  • If you share the generated link with others, standard subscription rules and rates will apply to recipients of the link.
  • If you link to a Topic Summary list, the link will include only the documents available at the time the link is generated. This means that if future documents are added or removed, they will not be available when you view the link. To view the current list of documents, after the link was created, you must view the source document again.

To copy the link, highlight it and then use your browser's copy tool to copy it. For example, either press Ctrl+C to copy it, or view the browser's Edit menu and choose Copy. Once copied to your clipboard, paste the URL into the text editing application of your choice.