Select a Specific Source to Search In

You can select a specific source or sources in which to search. If there is a source you search in often, you can save that source as a favorite for future searches. When searching for sources, you can browse the available sources alphabetically or by a specific source by name. You can also use the Narrow By options on the left side of the page to filter the options to a smaller set of sources.

To learn how to use sources when completing your search, watch this short video or complete the steps outlined below:

To search in a specific source:

  1. On the Nexis Uni® home page, select the Menu drop-down list at the top of the page.
  2. Select All Sources.
  3. Do one of the following:
    To...Do This
    Search for a sourceEnter the name (or part of a name) of a source under Search Within Sources in the left pane, then select the search icon ().
    Browse through all sources alphabeticallyUse the alphabetical listing to find the source you want.
    Filter the list of sourcesSelect options from any of the Narrow By groups. For example, to filter sources to a specific jurisdiction, select that jurisdiction from that group.
  4. When you see the source you want to use, select it.
  5. From the menu that appears, select Add source as a search filter. The source name is added to the Recent & Favorites list.
    Note: If you have selected any other filters for this search, they will be replaced by your selection.

Tip: You can also restrict your search from the search box. To do this, on the Nexis Uni home page, type the name of a source into the Search box. As you type, possible source names are displayed beneath the search box, next to Add Source as a Filter. Then select the source you want to use.