Search Using Nexis Uni®

There are several methods you can use to perform your research using Nexis Uni. Watch this brief video, or review the information in the table below:

What Do You Want To Do? Your Best Search Option
I want to perform a single, general search across all content types. Use the main search box on the home page.
I want to capitalize on data I already know about my search. For example, I know the specific dates I want to search in, and I know the specific content type I want to search in. Use the Advanced Search form.
I want to create a simple search targeting a particular type of content, such as news, legal cases, or publications. Use the guided search form in the task pods. Following are the types of searches you can perform using these tasks:

I want to view content that Nexis Uni has already found and curated for Business, Criminal Justice, or Political Science subjects.

Tip: These options are helpful for new students who want to learn about a discipline or advanced students who need fast, current awareness within a field of study.
Use one of these discipline pages to discover topic-specific news stories, publications, cases, and so forth.
I want to view information about a company or executive. Use the LexisNexis product, Company Dossier, to perform your search.
I want to view patent filings. Use the Patent Filings option from the Menu drop-down list and complete the patent-specific Advanced Search form.