Use Dossier to Search for Company Information

Nexis Uni® includes an option to search for company information using another LexisNexis product called Company Dossier. Types of information might include company overviews, financials, competitive information, stock market data, legal information, and so forth.

To use Company Dossier:

  1. On any Nexis Uni page, click the Menu drop-down list, located near the top of the page.
  2. Choose Company Dossier from the list. A new browser tab appears, showing the Dossier search form.
  3. Define your search properties and terms.

    Note: In addition to searching Company information, you can use the tabs along the top of the page to search for executives or industries. You can also upload a list of ticker symbols, DUNS numbers, or Dossier IDs to retrieve lists of companies or executives.

  4. Complete your search and view your results.

Note: See the Company Dossier Help for more information on using the product. (Not all information in the Help will apply to Nexis Uni's incorporation of Dossier in its product.)