List of Searchable Fields (Segments)

In Nexis Uni®, all documents of the same type have a common structure, composed of the natural parts or divisions referred to as segments. You can restrict your search to a specific part or segment of a document, such as the court that heard the case or the judge who wrote the opinion. Different types of documents have different segments. For instance, a case doesn't have the same segments as a newspaper article. Segment searching is especially useful when you are looking for:

  • Opinions written by a particular judge
  • Cases involving a specific party
  • News stories published by a specific author or on a specific date

To search in a specific segment, you can use the options on the Advanced Search form (look for the link right below the search box), or type the segment name followed by your search terms in parentheses in the search box. This example uses the "name" segment for searching by party name:

    name(griggs and duke)

The following lists all of the different segments (based on content type) in which you can search.


News Content Type


Agg-Copyright -- Finds the copyright date on an article

Bill-No -- Finds the number of the bill

Body -- Searches the body text of the article for the specified words

Byline -- Finds the article's author and biographical information

Cite -- Finds the citation

Company-Name -- Finds the names of any companies discussed in the document

Country -- Finds the country name

Document-Type -- Finds the type of document, for example, "series"

Headline -- Finds the article's headings and subheadings

Headline-and-Lead-Sections -- Finds the headline and lead paragraph

JurisInfo -- Finds the jurisdiction

Length -- Finds articles based on number of words

Caution: When using the LENGTH segment, use parentheses when you want the length to be a specific number, like this: LENGTH(500) (or the equivalent of LENGTH=500). However, when you want to use a greater than or less than operator (for example, LENGTH>500), you must use it without parentheses. The syntax LENGTH>(500) or LENGTH(>500) will not work.

Load-Date -- Finds articles based on the date the article was loaded

Pub-Copyright -- Finds articles based on copyright information

Publication -- Finds the publication's name

Publication-Type -- Finds the publication's description

Section -- Finds the document's section and subsections as well as volume, issue, and beginning page number

State -- Finds documents that list a specific state

Term -- Finds documents that contain the specified search term

Ticker -- Finds the company's ticker symbol

Title -- Finds the document's title


Company and Financial Content Type

Citation -- Finds the document's citation

Title -- Finds the document's title


Legal Content Type