Using Search Connectors and Search Segments

Using Term Connectors

Search connectors, such as AND, OR , and AND NOT define whether the search terms should appear in the resulting document or not.

To view the full list of Search Term Connectors, click Search Term Connectors.

Using Proximity Connectors

Connectors such as w/n, pre/n, near, and atleast, help narrow a search by defining relationships between your search terms.

To view the full list of Search Proximity Connectors, click Proximity Connectors.

Using Search Fields (Segments)

You can restrict your search to a specific part or segment of a document, such as the court that heard the case or the judge who wrote the opinion. Different types of documents have different segments. For instance, a case doesn't have the same segments as a newspaper article.

To view the full list of Search Fields (or segments), click List of Searchable Fields (Segments).

Using Wildcard Characters

Wildcard characters ( ? ! *) help you find variant spellings of words.

To view the list of wildcard characters, click Search Connector Wildcards.