Search Form Tips

When you sign in to Nexis Uni®, most everything you need to conduct your research is available from the Nexis Uni home page. You can search from the search box, or select from one of the other options for quick access to your recent search history, focused searches, folders, alerts, etc. For more information about the items on the page, use the following table.

Menu Select from this drop-down list to either return to the search Home page or to view a list of all of the sources available to search.
History Click this option to view a list of recent searches. Either select one of these recent searches to see the results again, or select View all history to view your complete search history. Select Research Map to view it in graphic form.
[UserName] drop-down list Select this to access other functions such as settings, support, etc. .

Click on the Search text and enter the terms, document citation, words, or phrases you want to search on, and select the Search button to begin your search. Or click Advanced Search or Get a Doc Assistance for additional search options.

All Nexis Uni Use this drop-down list to browse or look for a specific content type, case/code, news article, practice area, topic, or favorite.
Advanced Search Displays a form you can use to construct a search using terms and connectors and/or segments. You can also choose the specific content type in which you want to search (such as News, Cases, Statutes and Legislation, etc.).
Get a Doc Assistance Displays a form you can use to retrieve a document by citation or party name, and provides help with citation formatting.
Guided Search

Use the prompts in this group to help you narrow down the document you want to view.

For example, to view information about a specific company, click Company Info (in What are you interested in?), and then enter a company name in the Search in all Company Information for box. Then select the type of company report you want to view (from ...and show me).

Note: These options will change depending on which option you select in the What are you interested in? box.
Discover topics Click one of the images to view the search page for that specific discipline.

Nexis Uni includes discipline pages to help you begin your research. They are designed to curate relevant topics, sources, tasks and documents pertinent to your area of study.

Note: You can set a discipline page as your Home page by clicking the Set as home page button. You can also specify your home page in Settings > Nexis Uni.
Search button Click this to begin your search.