Use the Search Widget Generator

Academic librarians can use the Nexis Uni® Search Widget Generator feature to create a search pod and add it to an organization's external website, such as the library website, LibGuide, or learning management system. Librarians can choose the sources or content types available to researchers. Once the properties of the search pod are defined, the underlying HTML code can be generated so it can be used with the third-party application.

To use the Search Widget Generator:

  1. Choose Search Widget Generator from the [Username] drop-down list. The Search Widget Generator page appears.
  2. Under Configure Your Widget, click either Sources or Content type from the Set Your Search Scope options and then enter the source or content type in the Select Source/Select Content Type field.
  3. Enter a title for the pod in the Widget Title box.
  4. Optionally, click Show more fields and make any of the following additional changes:
    To ...Do This
    Choose whether the search pod is white with black text, or black with white textUnder Theme, choose either Light or Dark.
    Customize the widget's Search button textIn the Text on Search Button box, enter the text you want used on the button, or leave the default text ("Search").
    Provide some explanatory text about the search podEnter the text in the Form Description box. This text will appear above the search query box.
  5. Click Generate Code. The HTML code you can use to copy into your website appears in the Your Widget box, and a preview of the pod appears in the Preview box.

Once the pod looks and works the way you expect, click the Download or Copy icon above the Your Widget box to export the code so it can be used with your application.