Narrow or Filter a Shepard's Report

When you Shepardize a document, your results are displayed using these categories (where applicable):

  • Appellate History
  • Citing Decisions
  • Other Citing Sources
  • Table of Authorities

Once you select one of these categories, you can filter your results using the options available in the Narrow By pane. Each category has its own filters. For instance, if you select Citing Decisions, your Narrow By options include Analysis, Court, Discussion, Headnote, Search Within Results, and Timeline.

As you work in the Narrow By pane, you can complete these steps to manage your results set:

  • To narrow by more than one category under a filter, select Select Multiple, select the checkboxes for the categories you want to narrow your results to, and select OK.
  • To return to your original results after narrowing them one or more times, select the Clear link at the top of the Narrow By pane. To remove a single filter, select the icon.
Note: Each time you narrow your results, the results are cumulative. For example, you can narrow your results to Cases, then to a specific time line within those cases, and then to a specific jurisdiction or court within those cases in the timeline.