Retrieve a Document By Its Citation

Before You Start: The information in this topic applies to Nexis Uni® URL API users. This application programming interface (API) lets users execute tasks in Nexis Uni using URLs, rather than the standard user interface. Please contact your LexisNexis representative if you would like additional information about this feature.

Use this URL to retrieve and display a document using its citation. Your Nexis Uni® ID and password must be authorized for viewing the document for this command to function. Unauthorized users will receive an authorization error.

If a document is not included in your subscription, you'll be prompted to purchase the document, following standard Nexis Uni functionality.

If you specify a citation that cannot be resolved to a single document, you'll receive a notification error.

URL Template{citation-string}&(context)



document Indicates the user wants to view a document.
citation Indicates the user will specify a citation to view the document.

Query string that contains the document citation. Use %20 in the URL to replace spaces in the citation.

Example: cite=800%20f2d%20111
(context) Distinguishes between primary Lexis Advance and adaptations of that product, such as Nexis, Nexis Uni, and Prison Kiosk.