Searching with Nexis

A Nexis search provides trustworthy and fully vetted news and information that leads to intelligent, informed decisions. Nexis pulls together current and archived sources (going back decades) from global and local publishers, providing you with broad access to news, company, regulatory, and industry information for your research purposes.

What Type of Search Should I Use?

The type of research you want to do should determine your next steps:

Search from the Home page if you want to... Search from the Power Search page if you want to...
Search on a broad representation of a specific topic Customize your search to get the most accurate results for your particular research needs
Search across multiple content types with a single action Create specific searches using terms and connectors
Want the widest search available on all sources Create searches within a specific date range
Simply don't know where to start Narrow your search on specific sources and web content


Create a Search Strategy

A successful search starts with thinking about the keywords and search terms you want to use and identifying the sources you think will most likely contain your answers. You might also want to include more precise commands, date ranges, and connectors.

Follow these basic steps to create a successful search strategy:

  1. Choose your search terms. Try to avoid terms that are too general.
  2. Pre-filter your search to a specific source. See Restrict Search Using Pre-Search Filters.
  3. Consider using other pre-search filters, such as a date range, index terms, or a Boolean search query. See Perform a Power Search.
  4. Familiarize yourself with how to form a Boolean search query. See Tips: Terms & Connectors Search.
  5. Save Your Research .
  6. Create an alert so your search can run in the background. See Create an Alert.