Create and Publish a Newsletter

Nexis® allows you to build a newsletter from the results of your search. After you build the newsletter, you can email it to those who would be interested in those particular articles from your research. If your recipients do not have a full subscription to Nexis, they will be invited to view the content using Nexis Reader.

For information on publishing newsletters, watch this video and then review the instructions below:

To create a newsletter:

  1. Complete your search.
  2. Click the Create Newsletter button above the list of search results. The Newsletter Builder appears to the right of the results list.
  3. In the results list, find an article you want to publish in the newsletter and click the Add to Newsletter icon ( ).
    Tip: In the results list, the paper icon turns green (  ) to visually indicate that you've added the article to the current newsletter.
  4. Complete any of the following optional steps: 
    • To change the newsletter title, click on the existing newsletter name and enter the new one.
    • To change the look and feel of the newsletter, including adding a logo or other image to the newsletter, click Customize. See Customize a Newsletter for details.
    • To see how the newsletter will look when it's published, click Preview. (Click Return to Edit to return to Newsletter Builder.)
    • To reorder the content, click the Options menu icon () for that article and select Move Down or Move Up.
    • To remove an article from the newsletter, click the Options menu icon () for that article and select Delete.
    • To annotate articles you've added to your newsletter, hover over the article snippet and click the Add Text icon (). Then enter your note, which will be added below the article text.
  5. When you've added all of the articles you want in the newsletter and are ready to publish it, click Add Recipients to identify who should receive the newsletter. (Click Add after each individual email address.)
  6. Click Send Now to send the newsletter to your recipients.

Note: To save the newsletter, choose Save As from the Newsletter Options menu (). You can later view this saved newsletter and others by choosing Open from the same menu. Click Create (using this same Options menu) to create a new newsletter.