Getting Started with Nexis®

Nexis offers the most comprehensive collection of News sources that have been expertly curated to ensure you get real, relevant news all in one place. Our archives go back over 40 years including content that is no longer publicly available on the web, offering unique insights from over 40,000 premium licensed sources as well as web sources include trusted news, company profiles, biographical and industry information, legal content, and social media content.

You can use the Light/Dark Mode option to toggle to change the color scheme applied to the page: 

The Nexis Home page is organized into tabs: Search, Folders, Alerts, and History.


Using the Search Tab

You can use the options on the Search tab to perform many general tasks, including:

  • Entering search terms to start a new search
  • Finding sources in specific content areas with filters
  • Selecting a search from your history to run again
  • Selecting favorite sources, topics, and filters to use for a search

The Search tab allows you to search across all content types in a single search. You can start out broad, using either a natural language or Connectors search, narrow your search to specific filters, or browse across content types using the following tabs or links at the top of the Search tab.

  • Home
  • Power Search
  • Sources (An indicator marks sources that are no longer updated or that contain archive-only material)

Depending on your subscriptions, other tabs help you perform a more focused search. Some examples include News, Companies, Market Insight, Biographies, Legal, and so forth.

For details on searching in Nexis®, see Searching with Nexis.

The Search Box

To start, you can perform a simple search by entering your search terms into the search box on the Search > Home tab and clicking the search button. Based on what you type, the search assistant may automatically suggest search terms. These suggestions are grouped in sources and companies. You can select multiple sources from the search assistant by selecting it from the wordwheel.

The Pods

The pods available on the Search > Home tab (i.e., Alerts, History, Folders), provide quick access to many frequently used features. You can customize this area of your dashboard by dragging and dropping the pods to arrange them in the order you want.


Using the Folders Tab

Folders are helpful for organizing and sharing relevant documents. You can create folders for various topics or projects, and you can quickly access them by clicking on the Folders tab from the Global Navigation Bar or the Folders pod on the home page. Once in the Folder view, you can see folders you created, folders you shared and folders shared by others. Clicking on a folder will show the documents, searches, or text that have been saved to that folder. For more information on using folders, see Saving Research to Work Folders.

Using folders, you can share content with other Nexis users. When you share a folder, the recipient receives an email invitation to access the content. They have 30 days to accept the invitation.

Tip: Use the Actions menu to rename, delete, move, or share a folder.


Using the Alerts Tab

Alerts help you stay updated on new search results that meet your search criteria. You can set alerts on searches or documents. To create an alert, simply complete your search and then click the Create an Alert () icon on the Results page. Then, manage the alerts using the options on the Alerts tab. For more information, see Working with Alerts.

Note: You can also share an alert with other Nexis® users.


Using the History Tab

You can quickly resume your work from past research sessions from the History tab. Your searches, documents, deliveries, and other activities are automatically saved for up to 90 days. From the History page, you can run a search on all of your past research and narrow it down by date and type. For more information, see Using the History Menu.


Using the ID Menu

From the User ID drop-down menu, located on global navigation bar, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Change, add, or edit the project ID. (See Assign a Project ID to Your Research.)
  • Change the language that Nexis® uses. You can select between UK and US English, Dutch, German, and French.
  • View, filter, sort, and delete notifications. (See Viewing Notifications.)
  • Customize your Nexis® experience by changing settings. (See Settings Page. )
  • Tell us what you think about Nexis® by using the feedback option.
  • Access this help system.
  • Update your sign-in profile. (See Updating Your Sign-in Profile. )
  • Sign out of Nexis.