Create an Alert

An alert is a search that runs automatically and notifies you of any new results.

To create an alert:

  1. Perform your search.
  2. From the Results page, select the alert icon (Alert icon) next to your search terms. The Search Alert page is displayed.
  3. Enter the information on the Search Alert page to set up your alert. You can specify how often you want to be notified of any results, how you want to receive the results, and other options.

To get the best, on-target alert results, refine your search before saving it as an alert.

  • Use search terms that are specific to your research, joined by connectors to define the relationships of the search terms. For example, medical negligence or clinical negligence
  • Avoid terms that are too general, such as illness or behavior.
  • Filter your results before creating your alert. On the results page, select from the filters in the left pane to specify the jurisdiction, time frame, practice area, and so on, that you want to focus on.
Tip: To access your current Alerts list, click the Alerts link in the global navigation bar.