What is the 'Group Duplicates' Option?

When viewing news results (including an alerts results list), sometimes several versions of the same news article appear in the results list. You can group same or similar news stories into groups to help manage your list of results.

When you switch the Group Duplicates option to On, similarity analysis is performed on the results. Specifically, this process identifies news stories that have similar content and groups these stories together:

  • Group Duplicates Off: No similarity analysis. If similarity analysis has already been performed, the results list is regenerated without similarity analysis.
  • Group Duplicates On: News articles with some similarity can be included in the same group of similar articles.
  • Similarity analysis may find that a results list contains one or more groups of similar news stories (no story will be included in more than one group). Likewise, if no articles in the list are similar enough that they can be grouped together, the results list may contain no groups.
  • When creating or editing an alert, you can group your duplicate results. At the Create Search Alert or Edit Search Alert dialog box, click the Monitor tab and then switch Group Duplicates to On for the News category.
  • Your selection will be used for future searches until you change it to something else.
  • Only the first 400 results will be analyzed and grouped if they are similar.