About Nexis Data Lab

Nexis® Data Lab is an end-to-end research and analytical solution that lets you search, refine, import, analyze, and export your research using LexisNexis' centralized, cloud-based repository.  Using the available research options, you perform your search and then curate the research dataset using postfilters or date range options.

When you are satisfied with your data set, you can import the dataset (up to 100,000 documents) into a Jupyter Notebook workspace. From there, you select one or more prepackaged Python or R notebook libraries and begin your analysis of the research. Using Jupyter Notebooks, you can modify your copy of the prepackaged libraries or copy and paste your own code into the notebook. You can then save your work and return to it as needed to continue your analysis.

When you are satisfied with your results, you can export to your laptop your findings, visualizations, and code used to develop your analysis, while the full-text data used in your research stays in the Nexis Data Lab workspace. You can recreate your analysis by activating the saved workspace from the Nexis Data Lab home page and exporting the data back into Jupyter Notebook where you can rerun your analysis.