What is a Nexis® Data Lab Search?

With thousands of news, company-based, and legal publications at your fingertips, Nexis Data Lab helps you find credible sources to use in your deep research and analysis.

The main search box on the Nexis Data Lab home page allows you to quickly conduct either natural language or Boolean connector searches across the entire news, company/financial, and docket content collection.

Advanced Search options help you create more complex search queries by proving you easy access to connectors, segments, dates, and so forth.

Pre-search filtering options (located in Search: Everything) help you quickly focus your search on news, company & financial documents, or dockets.

Finally, Workspaces shows you previously curated searches you've created for deep analysis using Jupyter Notebooks. You can use these workspaces to either continue with or update a specific data set.

Note: The search box will initially detect what type of search you are trying to run and run the search accordingly. If you include connectors (like AND, or OR) in the search, Nexis Data Lab will run the search as a Boolean search. If you do not include any connectors, the search will run as Natural Language.

These help topics can help you choose the type of search you want to perform: