About Workspaces

As you perform your research in Nexis® Data Lab, you use a workspace to curate the documents you ultimately want to use in your analysis. A workspace can contain up to 100,000 documents (based on your subscription). The LexisNexis workspace repository is cloud-based, which minimizes the expectation for storing such a large dataset on your own computer.

The Nexis Data Lab home page shows six workspaces, including the active workspace. You can reactivate an older workspace by selecting it and clicking Activate Workspace.

Curating your results list may take time — more time than perhaps your session will allow. Once you create the workspace, you can sign out of the app and then revisit it at a later time. To continue with your previous research, you can simply click "Run Search" for the active workspace to view the results you were previously working with.

Once you have curated your document list and are happy with the results, you can then export the data to Jupyter Notebooks where you can start modifying the code, adding your own code as needed, and running the code to start your analysis.